Our Work In The Community

Rockwell Community Centre

Since July 2016 Bloomin’ Buds has been working in the Rockwell Community Center in Bradford to bring arts to a community which does not have much experience of it or the benefits that the arts can bring. To do this we have run various different weekly sessions and been involved in existing sessions to work closely with the community and develop a relationship which has grown and developed over the past year.

Fun with Drama

Our weekly drama sessions were aimed at children ages 5-11 years old, providing them with games and activities aimed at improving confidence and aspirations. Through the year we developed performances which were held as part of the Community centers own festival as a sharing to the rest of the community of the progression and work that these kids have been making through out their time with us. As the sessions have progressed we have seen increasing confidence and skills in the children evident in the work they are creating and their willingness to share this work in a public space.


Singing for health

In addition to our work with the young people in the community we also run a weekly session for the elderly, providing fun singing sessions which allow them to express themselves in a group in a safe and fun environment. All the songs are done to the original tracks with sheets of lyrics for them to follow, there is no pressure on the participants to be able to read any sheet music or sign with any skill level. This has proven to give the participants more confidence as well as giving them a safe and engaging environment. The participants of this group also performed in our community dance of Be our guest, along with various other performances. Check that page to find out more!

Parent and Baby Group

As a result of our research for ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’ we set up a weekly parent and baby group for parents with children aged new born to 2 years old. We do a variety of creative activities including painting, water play, salt dough, singing and we even did a Christmas Photoshoot! The group is also a chance for the parents to socialise, have fun and talk about the trials of being a parent.