About Us

Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company, founded in February 2015 by Katie Mahon, is a fresh-faced organisation based in Yorkshire aiming to offer drama based support for young people who are struggling to access opportunities due to facing inequalities such as class difference. Our current project ‘Rewrite the System’ tackles the debate on inequality.

The company wants to open the floodgates of theatre to all budding young people with a passion and ambition. In the North, class inequality is only too prevalent and the barriers young people face often inhibits their motivation to follow their dreams. – Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company aims to tackle this suppression of talent.

Our current project, ‘Rewrite the System’, focuses directly on class inequality, collecting research material by working with young people through interviews and one to one sessions, offering support and collecting truthful opinions and perspectives. The work produced with ‘Rewrite the System’ will eventually be used to create a verbatim (based on real life events and opinions) piece, not only representing class inequality but offering opportunities and experience to those who face it.